Strawberry Festival – Fireman’s Parade – Part 5

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The Strawberry Festival Fireman’s parade includes fireman and women from all over the state, including Ellamore, Grafton, Buckhannon, Elkins, Granville, Monongailia and Clay. These are the trucks and equipment used by them and their lovely sirens….

Manhattan Classic Car Club New York – Part 2

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Michael explains the point system for taking out the cars. We then take a drive around the city in a stunning 1989 Ferrari 328 and ask ourselves: why do Italians have long legs and short arms? We learn to how not to stumble out of a sports car, and take a look at the tough [...]

my 1/18 diecast car collection part 3

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top gear ground force part 1

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top gear does ground force for sport relief garden sir steve redgrave richard hammond james may jeremy clarkson top gear cars the stig

Playing in the swamp! Part 2 (Ed’s new truck)

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Still ripping up the mud, Jere tries to cover us with mud, Ed builds speed and does laps. Ed’s California desert truck, has officially been christened by the stagnant swampy marsh. The uneventful, successful trial run, leaves hopes high for any future runs.

Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car – Part 2

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Welcome back to part two of my article series. This mini-used car buying guide is a compilation list of my most important questions to ask when buying a used car. To recap from part one, over the phone we want to make clever inquiry to see if we can establish with some certainty that the [...]

MONSTER TRUCK Grau du Roi 2009 part 3 —

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MONSTER TRUCK Grau du Roi 2009 part 3 —

A good job in the air cleaner of an army truck, Fort Knox, Ky. This Negro soldier, who serves as truckdriver and mechanic, plays an important part in keeping army transport fleets in operation (LOC)

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Image taken on 1940-01-01 00:00:00.

NSingh55′s Gameplay – Disney Pixar Cars Part 2/2

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Next i’ll be doing Neal’s Boring internet ep.5 & of course a secret game

grundy county speedway july 30 feature part 2.MOV

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I missed the heat because of a broken trans mount probably from the week 3 wreck. Got it fixed and almost won even having to shove the shifter the whole time to hold it into gear, but I got plowed on the last lap. Sponsored by, Rod Baker Ford, Nabby’s restaurant, Bob Martin Auto [...]

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