2006 Gmc Sierra 3500, crew cab diesel dually, from Diepholz Auto Group, www.diepholzauto.com

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2006 Gmc Sierra 3500, crew cab, Duramax diesel, 4wd, dually, SLT, leather and loaded. For more details visit our website at www.DIEPHOLZAUTO.com or call us at 888.279.4367.

To Go Hybrid Or Not: Will Your Company Benefit From The Many Features of a Hybrid Boom Truck?

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Today, many companies who utilize the service of utility trucks, like boom trucks, digger derrick trucks, and the like, are switching to the hybrid versions of these all important vehicles. The hybrid versions of utility trucks are becoming more and more popular amongst all types of companies in all types of industries that use utility [...]

2010 Top PIck Cars from Consumer Reports

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Consumer Reports auto experts name the top 10 cars and trucks for 2010. Several new vehicles make the list this year. Find out more about our top pick cars on our web site www.consumerreports.org

Get Knorr Bremse Products from exbuk.com

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Air brakes are a vital component of all commercial vehicles. They’re much more heavy-duty than regular brakes and should never be overlooked, and it’s essential that you go for the best makes and models if you want to be sure of their reliability and efficiency. Some of the best on the market have got to [...]

Cars – Tow Truck from Mattel’s ToyLab.com.au

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Martin reviews Cars Tow Truck.

Unusual Custom Limousines Are The New Way To Stand Out From The Crowd!

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It seems as though everyone wants to ride in a limo at least once. Whether it’s a prom, a wedding or just a wild night out with friends Americans spend over 4 billion dollars annually with more than 5,000 chauffeured car rental companies to choose from. With statistics as sky-high as those it’s getting harder [...]

Buying From A Dealer

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Buying a new or used car from a car dealership can be a daunting task. The Internet has made researching a car even easier than it was five years ago. There is a lot of good information out there and most buyers are more informed when walking into a dealer to buy a new or [...]

Tonneau Covers, Protect Your Truck From Thieves And The Elements

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Tonneau Covers, also known as truck bed covers, are an excellent idea if you are an outdoor person who goes camping, hiking, or enjoys taking long road trips or frequent, short visits. The type of truck owners who benefit from owning one of a variety of covers are as follows: 1 – Always outside, taking [...]

From Thurber to Fort Worth – 01

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Just driving around, respecting all the rules. Don’t watch if you do not like open spaces, blue sky, cars, trucks, big trucks, big trucks with two trailers, RV’s towing cars, etc…. or if you’re looking for stunts. There ain’t any here. First of a series of 7, for those who have never seen the roads [...]

DJ from Cars

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A paint drawing I did of DJ. Edit: Wow, almost 30000 views! Edit on 6/12/08: 102000 VIEWS?! THIS IS MAH MOST POPULAR VIDEO! EAT YOUR HEART OUT, CHEZZY!

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