Diesel Power 2009 BMW 335d @ 2008 Detroit Auto Show

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www.edmunds.com In case you haven’t noticed, German’s carmakers aren’t big on the idea of hybrids. Sure, BMW and Mercedes-Benz collaborated with GM on the two-mode hybrid transmission, but what they would really like to sell you is a car like the 2009 BMW 335d. Yes, that “d” stands for diesel and although BMW already sells [...]

2006 Gmc Sierra 3500, crew cab diesel dually, from Diepholz Auto Group, www.diepholzauto.com

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2006 Gmc Sierra 3500, crew cab, Duramax diesel, 4wd, dually, SLT, leather and loaded. For more details visit our website at www.DIEPHOLZAUTO.com or call us at 888.279.4367.

Fast Diesel? VW Touareg TDI @ the Track

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MORE VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG @ INSIDELINE.COM: blogs.edmunds.com Diesels are finally here, sort of. Now that we have the low-sulfur fuel, manufacturers have responded with vehicles that even the great state of California will allow on its hallowed highways. Trouble is, these vehicles aren’t exactly cheap. Case in point: the 2009 Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI. It starts [...]

Pop Goes the Diesel Wooden Railway

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A diesel arrives on the island and Duck is asked to show him the ropes and Diesel attempts and fails to take some old trucks from their siding

Petroleum Vs. Diesel: Which Vehicle is More Suited for You?

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In the advent of rising oil prices, choosing a vehicle based on engine type (petrol or diesel) might prove to be a very wise decision. Each engine type has its own advantages and disadvantages and your decision on what to purchase might well boil down to the vehicle’s purpose (i.e. for city driving, for hauling [...]

Save Big Money By Purchasing A Diesel SUV Instead Of Gas

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Americans have a love affair with SUV’s and according to President Bush are addicted to gas. More than half of the vehicles on the road now are SUVs and trucks that use huge amounts of gas and they are especially prevalent during holiday seasons. Driving these types of vehicles is not only a burden on [...]

2005 Dodge 2500 Ram 5.9L Cummins Diesel Lifted Suspension Taylors Auto Max Great Falls Montana 59404

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Check out this Dodge Cummins diesel with oversized tires and lifted suspension! Very Sharp!

GM’s New Technology 4.5 Turbo Diesel Truck & SUV Video

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GM delivers up breaking new technology by reversing air flow in a smaller displacement diesel – 4.5 gets 310 hp & 520 ft/lbs of torque – better fuel economy – lower emmissions – is quieter and costs less! Watch the video.

Used 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Crewcab 4×4 in Ocala $8995

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Used 7.3L Power Stroke Diesel Crewcab 4×4 in Ocala $8995 at prestige auto sales in ocala florida

The Options for Tuning a Diesel Engine

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There comes a time with many vehicles that you feel the need to improve the performance of the engine.  This may be a requirement for further performance, or just a wish to achieve better fuel economy and mileage from your car or van. The art of diesel performance tuning is quite different from tuning a [...]

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