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Tips for Buying an Infiniti Used Car

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Buying an infiniti used car is one decision which you have to make after careful considerations. Buying a car whether it is an Infiniti used or any other car is a big decision as this involves a lot of money. Money is not all that matters, but what is also important is to find out [...]

Car Purchase: Save Thousands Buying Your Next Car

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A car purchase can be a really tedious and challenging task. That can because of the fact that there are numerous models and types of vehicles to choose from and the price tags really vary. Furthermore, new car purchase transactions usually are more expensive, giving buyers more time for resentment. If you are to [...]

NEGOTIATION TRAINING: Save money when buying a car

POSTED BY admin on Sep 8 under Super Cars Car dealers (or sellers generally) are predictable, therefore controllable. Australian management expert Igor S. Popovich shows you how to SAVE LOTS OF MONEY on a used car. As in any negotiation, a few important issues will impact your success – price range, anchoring and determining true value.

The Truth About Buying & Selling Cars For Profits!

POSTED BY admin on Sep 7 under About Cars for the free BIKINI Report and learn how YOU can make great profits using these methods.

Car Buying Tips for Women

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For a woman buying a car alone, the experience falls somewhere south of having a root canal on the pleasure scale. Female car buyers often have to endure a subtle – and sometimes not so subtle – discrimination. They find themselves being shown “cute” cars. Salespeople discuss the choice of paint colors rather than the [...]

Buying From A Dealer

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Buying a new or used car from a car dealership can be a daunting task. The Internet has made researching a car even easier than it was five years ago. There is a lot of good information out there and most buyers are more informed when walking into a dealer to buy a new or [...]

Buying a Boat and Boat Storage Facilities

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Having a boat is one of the biggest dreams of people who love sailing and other water activities. You could sail to the middle of the waters to go fishing, or enjoy other water sports. Some will enjoy simply rowing with a loved one to enjoy that moment together. It will be relaxing to watch [...]

Questions To Ask When Buying A Used Car – Part 2

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Welcome back to part two of my article series. This mini-used car buying guide is a compilation list of my most important questions to ask when buying a used car. To recap from part one, over the phone we want to make clever inquiry to see if we can establish with some certainty that the [...]

Inspect Used Cars For Sale Before Buying

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In the first part of the guide, you learned how to inspect a used car’s exterior and interior for any sign of damage. In this part, you will concentrate on the mechanical aspect. Before you get to the engine, inspect the trunk first. Any sign of water damage means there is a bad seal somewhere. [...]

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