Diesel Power 2009 BMW 335d @ 2008 Detroit Auto Show

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www.edmunds.com In case you haven’t noticed, German’s carmakers aren’t big on the idea of hybrids. Sure, BMW and Mercedes-Benz collaborated with GM on the two-mode hybrid transmission, but what they would really like to sell you is a car like the 2009 BMW 335d. Yes, that “d” stands for diesel and although BMW already sells [...]

Supercars in Paris 1

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Today was a good day if you ask me: yellow Porsche Carrera GT, black Rolls Royce Phantom, red Ferrari Enzo and blue on blue Bugatti Veyron. All owned by the same person (apparently) and parked in front of Hotel Crillon. Mamamia. /// Visit my supercars blog! You might even end up “following” it daily! alexsmolik.blogspot.com [...]

Fast Car, Pretty Leaves II

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Image taken on 2008-10-18 13:48:39.

The Car Store, Inc. Pawtucket, RI Suzuki Dealer Used Cars

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Buy new Suzukis or quality used vehicles at The Car Store in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This auto dealer carries a large inventory of cars, trucks and SUVS at everyday low prices! Need a loan? The finance team can get financing for anyone. Stop in and take your car for a test drive. Visit us www.yellowpages.com

Trucking Lights -Can You See Me Now?

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Your body uses up more energy at night to strain to see what is in front and along side of your rig. You are also fighting on coming glare and let’s not forget the famous wild life that comes out at night it can be like driving through a zoo. I know I have done [...]

Top Gear – Best Cars – Porsche Carrera GT

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BBC Top Gear 0-60mph / 0-100kmh = 3,9s top speed = 208mph / 334kmh bhp 612 V10

The Risk of Cellular Phone Use by Truck Drivers

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There have been many studies in recent months and years that have linked cellular phone use to any number of issues on the road. For truck drivers, that risk is even further pronounced when it comes to the risk of accidents. Someone handling such a large vehicle, with so many moving parts and the potential [...]

The Importance Semi Truck Insurance – Requirements

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Taking up a semi-truck insurance can ensure that the huge investment you had spent on the truck, rig and the trailer that is attached to the semi-truck gets fairly protected in the event of an accident. But the semi-truck insurance is a major investment that must be made after a thorough and careful evaluation of [...]


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My personal list of the best cars in the history of F1.


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Come see are inventory at www.blantonsautosales.com Thank you for viewing one of our cars! We offer financing no matter what your credit situation may be! Blantons Auto Sales is a family owned dealership with over 15 Years of experience. We offer one of the area’s largest selections of trucks, cars, and SUVs. At Blantons we [...]

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