Diesel Power 2009 BMW 335d @ 2008 Detroit Auto Show

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www.edmunds.com In case you haven’t noticed, German’s carmakers aren’t big on the idea of hybrids. Sure, BMW and Mercedes-Benz collaborated with GM on the two-mode hybrid transmission, but what they would really like to sell you is a car like the 2009 BMW 335d. Yes, that “d” stands for diesel and although BMW already sells several diesel models in Europe, only now has emissions technology advanced enough to get the EPA’s seal of approval in all 50 states.

Supercars in Paris 1

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Today was a good day if you ask me: yellow Porsche Carrera GT, black Rolls Royce Phantom, red Ferrari Enzo and blue on blue Bugatti Veyron. All owned by the same person (apparently) and parked in front of Hotel Crillon. Mamamia. /// Visit my supercars blog! You might even end up “following” it daily! alexsmolik.blogspot.com – ALEX

Fast Car, Pretty Leaves II

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fast cars

Image taken on 2008-10-18 13:48:39.

The Car Store, Inc. Pawtucket, RI Suzuki Dealer Used Cars

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Buy new Suzukis or quality used vehicles at The Car Store in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. This auto dealer carries a large inventory of cars, trucks and SUVS at everyday low prices! Need a loan? The finance team can get financing for anyone. Stop in and take your car for a test drive. Visit us www.yellowpages.com

Trucking Lights -Can You See Me Now?

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Your body uses up more energy at night to strain to see what is in front and along side of your rig.

You are also fighting on coming glare and let’s not forget the famous wild life that comes out at night

it can be like driving through a zoo. I know I have done it. Remember most truckers do not work 8 hours a day no, no, no try 14 hrs a day.

So I would say better lighting for drivers at night should be common sense. So let’s discuss what’s out

there. I have inspected many of rigs only to find out that there are no additional driving lights on their trucks. I have also found that the ones that do have their driving lights or fog lights on their trucks somebody replaced the bulbs with regular lights, totally useless, at that point do not even turn on your driving lights.

There are companies out there that specialize in this field. The concepts to do and the use of lights

are a big aid in bad weather. I have driven trucks with special driving or fog lights and without, and the correct driving or fog lights make a big, big difference. Lets talk about the difference between fog lights and driving lights,

Fog lights provide illumination forward of the truck that enhances visibility in fog, rain, snow, or dust.

Fog lights are intended to be used in conjunction with standard headlamp low beams. On the other hand driving lights are mounted to provide illumination forward of the vehicle and intended to supplement the high beam of a standard headlamp system, for forward clear projection . It is not intended for use alone or with the low beam of a standard headlamp system. But for me I feel if

truck headlights are adjusted correctly an additional driving light may not be need, in my north eastern area.

However, a good fog light is a necessity. I have found a few good ones that I have used when driving KC square 57 series all season halogen 15000 candle power per beam for fog. This one interested me the PIAA 940 Dual Driving and Fog Light Kit this is driving light and fog light all in one casing which is nice for space especially in a pre cut bumper like many big rigs. Another great company is Per-lux they make 600 series for all purpose lights for big rigs. Basically it comes down to where you are driving do you need fog or driving lights on darker nights, because with these accessories it has less fatigue on you the driver and keeps then safer. Look for more free article’s of trucking snowplowing information at edgeolite.com

truck lights,truck equipment

Top Gear – Best Cars – Porsche Carrera GT

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BBC Top Gear 0-60mph / 0-100kmh = 3,9s top speed = 208mph / 334kmh bhp 612 V10

The Risk of Cellular Phone Use by Truck Drivers

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There have been many studies in recent months and years that have linked cellular phone use to any number of issues on the road. For truck drivers, that risk is even further pronounced when it comes to the risk of accidents. Someone handling such a large vehicle, with so many moving parts and the potential of there being an accident needs to be able to respond quickly, without having that delay between recognition and action. Cell phones reduce that response time considerably.

What Cell Phones Can Cause

The big risk that is associated with cell phone use is inattentiveness on the road. Drivers don’t pay attention, lose track of what they are doing, or get engrossed in their conversations or the visual imagery on their smart phones. Text messaging is an even bigger risk because it requires both the use of a hand and occasional eye time from the driver. This can be a big deal for many people who are unable to maintain their control of the vehicle and their phone at the same time.

Laws Regarding Cell Phone Use

Not all states have put laws into place regarding cell phones but many have. For this reason, a truck driver might, at any point in time, be somewhere that they’re not permitted to use their phone. Additionally, recent federal guidelines now ban the use of text messaging by all truck drivers due to the prevalence of it affecting their driving. Of course, text messaging is just as bad for normal drivers, but that is a state’s prerogative to ban, rather than the federal government’s.

Because of the way cell phone use has been studied and the legislation that has developed in recent years as a result, it is becoming increasingly less likely that a truck driver has a good reason to use their phone while driving. Even federal laws are being laid out now that limit how they use their mobile devices in the cab due to the massive number of issues that have developed. So, for anyone that has been in an accident with a big rig truck or who has seen someone using their cell phone, be extremely careful and make sure that information is drawn to light. This article is not meant to be used as legal advice.

Truck driver cell phone use is a tremendous problem. Talk with a Truck Accident Law Firm in Chicago today if you have been involved in a truck crash.

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The Importance Semi Truck Insurance – Requirements

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Taking up a semi-truck insurance can ensure that the huge investment you had spent on the truck, rig and the trailer that is attached to the semi-truck gets fairly protected in the event of an accident. But the semi-truck insurance is a major investment that must be made after a thorough and careful evaluation of the extent of coverage made by the policy and the amount of premium payable by you. A wrong selection of semi-truck insurance can leave a big hole in the financial situation of the owner company.

Insurance for your semi truck and trailer is likely going to be one of your biggest expenses. And while it may be tempting to select the insurance company offering the lowest prices, that’s not always wise. Nor is it wise to put this task off until a later date.  Semi Truck insurance can be a tricky issue, especially when all types of commercial companies are trying to persuade fleet owners and drivers that their insurance is best. Truckers can choose to be insured through a provider who offers only semi trucking insurance, a provider that offers a variety of types of insurance, or a provider that is contracted through one’s employer.

The semi-truck insurance policy like the commercial auto liability are made mandatory by the Federal and the State laws, while the other insurance schemes covering different aspects of the semi-truck like the terminal insurance, trailer interchange liability, non-owned trailer liability, non-trucking liability, physical damage, etc. are optional choices placed before the semi-truck owner. The amount of the auto liability varies with the state. While some requires them to go for a $100,000 insurance coverage, the federal law demands it to be $1 million if the rig is on the move.

Before making the final selection of the insurance, make a detailed analysis of the extent of insurance coverage and the premium payable amongst various companies for similar insurance policies. The route taken by the semi-truck, the cargo transported, the experience and driving qualification of the driver, the past history of the company, all have to be stated to get the actual cost of insurance.

Like other auto insurances, the semi-truck insurance drivers can avail a discount on the completion of the value-driven driving course that teaches them to avoid three major truck accidents, namely, the rear-end collisions, roll-under accidents and the lane-change accidents. This training reduces the chances for accidents, enhancing the safety to the driver, truck, and other people and property on the road.

Because so many options exist for truckers to choose semi truck insurance, they must first determine what types of insurance they and their employers require them to have. Getting multiple quotations for semi truck and trailer insurance is always a good idea. And if you’ve followed the above advice, shopping around for insurance quotations will be much easier. One way to comparison shop is to go online. Locating businesses that offer this type of insurance is simple and getting a quotation usually is fast.

A proper balance of premium and the type of services offered by the insurance company are the key factors that assist in the final judgment.

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